Is it right to impose pescetarianism on my kids? They don’t have a choice

Her children follow a pescatarian diet, but Charlotte Cripps isn’t talking monkfish or Dover sole: think fish fingers and a lot of vitamins

Wednesday 06 November 2019 19:13

People are always pressurising me to give my kids sausages. But why? Is it because it’s inconvenient for other mums if they go over for tea? Or should they be able to make the decision for themselves? When Lola asked: “What is a sausage mum,” I pointed to the TV where her beloved Peppa Pig was on and I said: “There, that is where sausage comes from – Peppa Pig.” She looked surprised and never asked for a sausage again after that.

We eat fish so my kids are pescatarian. We are not talking monkfish or Dover sole here, think fish fingers. But sometimes, I wonder if I was right to have imposed it on Lola and Liberty?

I used to cook meat all the time for Alex – despite not eating it myself. So it’s not as if I judge what anybody else does – it’s just I don’t fancy eating factory-farmed meat, where the animals endure cramped conditions before they are slaughtered in often horrible ways. I could go organic wild or organic free range and shop at places like Wholefoods to make sure it’s good quality. But making that choice is exactly why the place is nicknamed Wholecheck because it’s easy to spend a month’s salary in just one trip.

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