Happy Valley

I was a love child – so why did I go off the rails?

A trip to the beach in Dorset on the hottest day of the year so far brings back some family memories for Charlotte Cripps

Wednesday 08 July 2020 21:49
Illustration by Amara May
Illustration by Amara May

We set off at crack of dawn to get to Dorset. I had no idea that thousands of other people would flock to the coast in the sweltering heat – as we did. It’s a Thursday – I’ve got the day off – as it seems does most of Britain.

I’m on the beach with the kids wearing a bikini with a T-shirt over the top because I’ve put on weight during lockdown; it’s all the covidcarbs. I just don’t look beach-ready – I look more liposuction ready.

But after a refreshing swim in the sea, I’m dripping wet, so I take off the T-shirt to let it dry in the sun. That’s when I get the shock of my life.

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