Happy Valley

I can’t wave goodbye to homeschooling quick enough

As the endless tide of assignments gets bigger and bigger, Charlotte Cripps can finally see light at the end of the homeschooling tunnel

Thursday 25 February 2021 00:00

When I heard the news that schools were reopening, I was so overjoyed that I started hugging the Start-Rite shoe gauge. Never have I felt happier about ordering Lola a new pair of navy school shoes online.

If looking in the mirror is anything to go by, being a teacher doesn’t suit me. I must look five years older than I did at Christmas. I’m so whacked out from Google Classroom.

When a yummy mummy friend suggested I take Lola and Liberty to a secret special nursery, my eyes lit up. It sounded absolutely amazing. It has an aquarium, so they can learn everything about the different species of fish and marine life, and it has a large outdoor play area.

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