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Never put an Oscar before your recovery – that’s how seriously we take staying sober

After the first week of lockdown easing, Charlotte Cripps is exhausted from double booking too many playdates and only finds calm during her weekly 12-step meeting

Friday 23 April 2021 06:59

was halfway over Chelsea Bridge heading into south London when I heard the news on the radio that there was an outbreak of the South African variant in Wandsworth. Oh my god. That’s the borough we have just arrived in? It’s meant to be day one of lockdown easing.  Do I turn back? Now apparently I have to get PCR tested as I’ve entered the danger zone.

I thought it was all over? While others might be heading to hair salons and pubs, we have just pulled up at Battersea Park Children’s Zoo. I was looking for a harmless day out, but now it feels as dangerous as the Wild West as we queue up with potential local super spreaders. It would have been a perfect excuse not to come; I’m overrun with play dates, I can barely cope.

My co-dependency has swung into action since lockdown eased and I just can’t say “no”. I’m drowning in double bookings – pencilling in more fun activities by the minute after a drought since last summer.  But going to the zoo two days in a row to “people please” is extreme.

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