Most women in the UK want period products to be free - yet we remain plagued by period poverty

As the pandemic made it even harder for people to afford period products, Kate Ng finds out why free and widely accessible period care should be prioritised

Tuesday 08 June 2021 16:03

Most women in the UK believe that free period products should become more widely available, a study has suggested, yet period poverty is still a serious issue facing women and girls across the country.

A survey of over 1,106 respondents between the ages of 19 and 54, by period care brand, Yoppie, found that an overwhelming 98 per cent agreed that free period care should be more widely accessible, highlighting how strongly women feel that there should be improved access.

Yet despite this obvious appetite for increased accessibility, 13 per cent reported having struggled to access period products before. And one in five women (20 per cent) have struggled with the cost of period care at some point in their lives.

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