Does Boris Johnson’s adult skills revolution add up?

Analysts agree overhauling adult skills is the right economic aspiration and priority for the government. Yet there remain doubts about whether the Johnson administration’s current programme is sufficient to deliver, reports Ben Chu

Wednesday 12 May 2021 00:17
<p>The overall vista for skills funding from the government remains barren</p>

The overall vista for skills funding from the government remains barren

Boris Johnson says his government will make improving adult skills the centrepiece of its new post-Brexit legislative agenda.

The Queen’s Speech on Tuesday promised new legislation to create a “lifetime skills guarantee”, which will include “flexible loans” for adults wanting to retrain that they will be able to use at any point in their lives.

“I’m revolutionising the system so we can move past the outdated notion that there is only one route up the career ladder and ensure that everyone has the opportunity to retrain or upskill at any point,” said the prime minister.

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