My carbon footprint

My Carbon Footprint: Sorry, not sorry

As the impact of plastic on human health becomes increasingly clear, Kate Hughes is done apologising for her family’s zero tolerance approach

Wednesday 25 May 2022 21:30 BST
<p>Shiny wrapping paper and sequins on cards are a no-go at this bash</p>

Shiny wrapping paper and sequins on cards are a no-go at this bash

I’m sorry.” It’s surely one of the most British phrases out there and I seem to be saying it a lot this week.

I’m sorry we’re a bit difficult, a bit different, that it’s a bit awkward to think of something to bring to our daughter’s birthday party this weekend (rock climbing and a picnic) that isn’t plastic-free.

No, not in any form. Yes, that does include sequins on birthday cards – especially the ones “for girls”. (Probably best not to start that emotive chat on a wet Saturday afternoon when we all know we’re only here for the weekend childcare.)

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