Switching red meat for mushrooms on occasion ‘could halve deforestation by 2050’ study claims

Researchers say ‘microbial protein can help meat-lovers embrace the change’

Emily Atkinson
Thursday 05 May 2022 19:35 BST
(Getty Images)
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Substituting mushroom-based alternatives for red meat for one-in-five meals could slash deforestation by half in less than 30 years, a new study claims.

It is well-established that the production of red meat contributes to deforestation, land degradation and biodiversity loss. Now scientists are aruging that occasionally swapping it out for mushroom protein has the potential to “massively benefit” animal welfare - as well as save water and reduce the pressure on land.

According to a group of German reserachers, if meat-eaters were to make the switch 20 per cent of the time, it could have a major impact in reducing the magnitude of damage caused by greenhouse gases on the environment.

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