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Should we postpone our Corfu holiday until August?

Simon Calder answers your questions on summer travel, quick passport renewals and staycation conspiracy theories

Monday 14 June 2021 21:30
<p>Greece and almost everywhere else in Europe is on the amber list</p>

Greece and almost everywhere else in Europe is on the amber list

Q My family and I are booked to go to Corfu on 20 July until 6 August. Do you know where I can access the 14-day cases/100,000 statistic for the individual islands? And in your learned opinion, would we be better off moving to August to stand a much better chance of Corfu being on the green list?

“Tweaky Austin”

A I follow A to Z Guides, which has regular updates of case numbers on the Greek islands – showing, for example, that 43 cases were recently confirmed on Crete compared with just 16 on Corfu. But since Crete has six times as many inhabitants as Corfu, it is doing relatively better. However, while I regularly study the numbers, I do not ascribe particular powers to them. And I suggest you don’t torture yourself with peering through the data for individual islands: it is likely to be disregarded anyway.

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