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What are my options if I can’t get travel insurance?

Simon Calder answers your questions on policies, 100ml liquid limits and the future of Ashford International

Tuesday 25 April 2023 09:56 BST
Affordable cover can be tricky when you start getting old
Affordable cover can be tricky when you start getting old (iStock)

Q I am looking for some advice on travel insurance for people of a more mature age with health and medical problems. A relative is in her sixties and wants to travel to Spain or Greece for four days. But she is struggling to find affordable travel insurance. She has a number of conditions including a previous episode of deep-vein thrombosis, high blood pressure and ongoing bronchial problems.

When seeking travel insurance ahead of the trip, several insurers turned her down flat, and the only one that was prepared to cover her quoted £800. Can you advise me of any insurers who offer better value?

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