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When will the UK accept vaccinated travellers from outside its recognised list of nations?

Simon Calder answers your questions on self-isolation and the end of blanket travel bans

Monday 30 August 2021 21:30
<p>So far the UK only accepts travellers jabbed in the EU or US</p>

So far the UK only accepts travellers jabbed in the EU or US

Q Any updates about the UK accepting vaccines administered outside of the UK/US/European Union? I’m planning a visit to the UK from my home in Kuwait at the end of September. Even though Kuwait’s numbers are good, I don’t expect it to be added to the “green list” by then. So I’m more hopeful about getting in quarantine-free as a result of my vaccination status.


A Last month ministers finally agreed to remove the need for self-isolation for fully vaccinated travellers from “amber list” countries to the UK. But as so often during the coronavirus pandemic, there was a big “but…”. The transport secretary, Grant Shapps, said it applied only to “UK residents who are fully vaccinated through the UK vaccine rollout”. In other words: only jabs administered by the NHS were considered sufficient.

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