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Will I get green for go or amber for self-isolation during my trip to Spain?

Simon Calder answers your questions on navigating the traffic light system and picking up people from Heathrow

Monday 03 May 2021 21:57
<p>Barcelona could be placed in a different list to other regions of Spain</p>

Barcelona could be placed in a different list to other regions of Spain

I hope to head to Spain for a short break on 25 June, returning on 28 June. I’m leaving just before the official review of the traffic light system. I expect Spain will be “amber”, but by the time I return I hope Spain will be “green”. Does that mean I’m treated as amber or green?

Derek B

A quick reminder of the background. International leisure travel is illegal for people who live in the UK. That will change, for England at least, on Monday 17 May. Ahead of that date, the government will assign each country (and possibly individual components of a nation) a colour that specifies what happens when you arrive home from abroad.

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