Chamber music gives me a sense of belonging when my mental health dips

As a young creative I often struggle with my mental wellbeing, but there’s so much about sharing a passion with others that brings me joy, writes El Cragg

<p>Music provides El with belonging and connection</p>

Music provides El with belonging and connection

Mental health is an interesting topic for me as a 19-year-old musician. Sometimes, I can dive into practicing violin with a fresh mind – ready and eager to improve. Other days my motivation can waver and I let every single mistake drag me down.

Over years of injuries, an eating disorder, family issues and a late diagnosis of the visual perceptual processing disorder, Irlen’s syndrome, I have had many bad days.

Yet, just when I think these days are all my musical life is filled with, I again find that spark that made me start playing in the first place.

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