There is nothing like a good sandwich – so the news about Pret a Manger closures saddens me

I’ve been thinking – writes Jenny Eclair – with so many people working from home these days, maybe it would be a good time to start up a homemade sandwich delivery service

Monday 31 August 2020 16:27
A properly filled sandwich is a wonderful thing
A properly filled sandwich is a wonderful thing

I’ve always been a sandwich fan. Many years ago, I got sacked from a summer job making sandwiches on St Annes pier for being overly enthusiastic with my sandwich fillings. Some years later that pier burnt down, complete coincidence I assure you.

That was back in the Seventies and since then there has been a complete revolution in the role of the sandwich in our lives, after all, these days there are so many different types of bread and so many delicious things to stuff that bread with.

As for the popularity of the high street sandwich chain, I remember when Pret a Manger first landed and discovering the joy of a decent take-away latte and a properly filled sandwich, “all the way to the edges thank you”. To this day, my regular “go to” choice is the egg mayonnaise with a just a touch of cress – dull I know, but a good egg mayo sandwich is a glorious thing. I’m also a big fan of their chicken and avocado combo, their bright green pea soup and the instant pick me up of the Pret ginger shot.

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