I’m still cowering from Covid – despite the good news about train stations being ‘virus free’

Giving up the football and cowering in a breezy Scarborough is not my ideal ‘summer of fun’, but as I have no intention of learning to live with Covid, it’ll have to do, writes Sean O’Grady

Monday 02 August 2021 11:55
<p>‘I have tested positive for cowering, and there we are’</p>

‘I have tested positive for cowering, and there we are’

A fortnight on from so-called “Freedom Day” – such a silly name for it – and, in the memorable phrase of Sajid Javid, I’m still (mostly) cowering.

Network Rail say that their stations are sort-of Covid secure (no traces of the virus at four big stations or on trains running between the stations) but I’m not convinced. It only takes only one of the many Covid-infected people still in circulation to have a good old mask-free sneeze all over me, and I’m a goner – or at least at serous risk of being left with debilitating long Covid. So, no thanks, I’ll take the car, as usual.

So I feel almost as frit of Covid as I ever did, even though I’m double jabbed, take frequent lateral flow tests (to protect others), always wear a mask out and about, maintain social distance and use the hand sanitisers whenever I see them. I’ve given up disinfecting my groceries and no longer wear gloves, but that’s as far as my personal protocol as have been relaxed.

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