The far left should form their own party and let the grown-ups get on with running Labour

The average working-class voter has nothing in common with far-left ideals which can be both abstract and, at times, extreme, writes Jordan Tyldesley

Friday 12 November 2021 16:31
<p>Reasonable people will not want to align themselves to a movement that is so dripping in toxicity</p>

Reasonable people will not want to align themselves to a movement that is so dripping in toxicity

It’s about time we faced the fact that Keir Starmer isn’t the reason why the Labour Party is failing to make strides in the opinion polls. Rather, its far-left activist base is – and the sooner they form their own party, the better.

That’s because their version of left-wing politics is completely incompatible with the average voter – but even if Starmer managed to remove all trace of Jeremy Corbyn from the party, nothing will change until far-left activists are able to find a new political home. Until then, the public will automatically presume they are speaking on behalf of Labour.

What happened outside the London School of Economics recently – unsettling footage of students on the anniversary of Kristallnacht screaming and intimidating the Israeli ambassador Tzipi Hotovely to such a degree that she fled the university in fear – is nothing short of a disgrace.

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