Jeff Bezos seems to want to live forever – just be careful what you wish for

Eternal life is overrated, writes Salma Shah – it would be an utterly boring existence

Wednesday 08 September 2021 18:25
<p>Billionaire Jeff Bezos has reportedly invested in an ‘age reversal’ company</p>

Billionaire Jeff Bezos has reportedly invested in an ‘age reversal’ company

True to modern billionaire form, Jeff Bezos has reportedly invested in an “age reversal” company. Not content with space, it seems the rich and eccentric genius is going to disrupt the actual concept of time by supporting science that aims at “rejuvenating” the body.

He wouldn’t be the first. Larry Page, the Google co-founder, has also invested in a “reprogramming lab”. There is real money in this research. It’s safe to say this technology is not advanced, but is being investigated in the belief that the possibilities are more real than we’ve ever imagined.

We should retain a healthy dose of scepticism and not fall into the trap of expecting eternal life and limitless beauty. Not least because it’s built on an assumption that nothing better will come after Jeff and friends. Talk about entitlement and ego – Can we not believe that we’re the sum total of everything that humankind has to offer?

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