Macron and Johnson are – shock, horror – more similar than you think

What both leaders have in common is the same strength and weakness – an inability to reckon with the reality of the countries they rule, writes Marie Le Conte

Tuesday 02 November 2021 15:07
<p>The two leaders at Cop26 this week </p>

The two leaders at Cop26 this week

Few people are as irritating as professional contrarians, but there is occasional joy to be found in having an opinion that you know will please no one. You can admire it and cherish it, knowing that it is yours because no one else could possibly want it.

There is one I have had for some months now, which has brought me endless private joy. I think I may be ready to share it with you now, because it has become adjacent to the news in recent weeks.

Here it is: the relationship between France and Britain hasn’t just become fraught because of Brexit. The two countries are struggling with one another because, at heart, Boris Johnson and Emmanuel Macron are too alike. No, really – let me explain.

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