There’s a stark contrast between media coverage of Ukraine and Palestine – have you noticed?

Palestinians already know the extent to which we are dehumanised and our narrative marginalised, but watching the Ukraine coverage has served as a reminder of the disparity and double standards, writes Rafeef Ziadah

Sunday 27 March 2022 13:37 BST
<p>We know what it’s like to be invaded, bombarded and occupied</p>

We know what it’s like to be invaded, bombarded and occupied

Like everyone watching the news over the last month, I have been deeply moved by scenes of refugees fleeing the violence in Ukraine, and the destruction visited upon Ukrainian towns and cities.

As someone who has worked with refugees all my life, such images are unfortunately not unfamiliar to me. The biggest surprise, however, has been how such appalling events are reported.

Not long ago, refugees from countries like Iraq and Syria were attempting to cross the English Channel live on British television. This dehumanising spectacle was accompanied by senior politicians competing for who could sound “‘toughest” in the face of this “threat”.

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