How many of us in the UK would offer our homes up to a Ukrainian family?

Our hearts say yes, but the reality is daunting and exhausting, writes Jenny Eclair

Tuesday 08 March 2022 08:30
<p>How can we go about our normal routines? </p>

How can we go about our normal routines?

Call me naive, but I genuinely didn’t believe this could happen. Obviously, I knew there were ugly rumblings over Russia and the Ukraine, but I never thought that one man could inflict so much pain and chaos – while the rest of the world stood by and watched.

“Surely someone will kill him,” sprang to mind, which is what a lot of people have been saying, but is ultimately a bad idea. Still, I can’t help myself wondering, sometimes: “Why can’t someone simply assassinate Putin? Someone close, who pretends to be on his side and then betrays him and saves the world?”

In a film this would happen, and the assassin in question could be played by Voldymyr Zelensky, the heroic Ukranian leader who – already, in his own lifetime – has won Ukraine’s Strictly Come Dancing and been the voice of the Ukrainian Paddington Bear. Beat that, Boris.

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