Global G7 goals cannot be met without bold investment in women and girls

Just as green bonds have been designated to support specific climate or environment-oriented projects, gender bonds could be leveraged to support projects advancing gender equality, writes Anita Bhatia

Saturday 12 June 2021 15:34
<p>G7  nations - and others - need to do more to tackle gender inequality </p>

G7 nations - and others - need to do more to tackle gender inequality

This weekend, the leaders of the G7 countries are committing to a faster and more evenly distributed economic recovery, from investments in a more resilient and sustainable world, to stronger global agreements on commerce and finance, and the creation of more opportunities for democracy and prosperity – especially for nations trapped in poverty or conflict.

Words like vaccines, climate, trade, taxes, debt and development feature prominently. They are the right goals at the right time. But achieving them cannot happen without bold investments in women and girls. The summit should add one more word to its vocabulary: gender.

As the US vice-president, Kamala Harris, has so eloquently put it: “The status of women is the status of democracy.” Her words are both true and urgent. So why aren’t we investing more creatively – and sustainably – to improve the lives of women?

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