Post-Brexit unity in Europe is essential – and war in Ukraine proves this

The UK government finds itself in the frustrating position of wanting to lead the charge, but remains stuck in an ideological groove that harms its influence, writes Sandra Khadhouri and Therese O’Donoghue

Monday 14 March 2022 13:30 GMT
<p>The UK cannot solely bank on a US relationship as the core of its foreign policy</p>

The UK cannot solely bank on a US relationship as the core of its foreign policy

As we witness the destruction of Ukraine and mass exodus of refugees in the most dangerous period for Europe since the Second World War, the west has come together and mobilised remarkably quickly. But will it be enough to stop Putin?

At Keeping Channels Open, dedicated to fostering dialogue between UK, EU and US stakeholders, we have been hosting politicians, think tanks and experts in March to discuss how to end the war and consolidate UK-EU-US relations.

Many agree that transatlantic coordination and strong decision-making have been impressive, as Americans, Europeans and global partners engaged in diplomacy, deterrence and sanctions to isolate Russia and force a withdrawal. Landmark turnarounds have been made by countries like Germany, as the drastic Russian action forces a reappraisal of the post-Cold War order.

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