How remote workers are helping with Mexico’s street dog problem

The pandemic has exacerbated Mexico’s problem with abandoned dogs, but in one town it has helped some animals find a home, reports Sarah Bladen in Tulum

Monday 05 April 2021 17:18
<p>Ynez Tulsen and her adopted street dogs</p>

Ynez Tulsen and her adopted street dogs

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ith an open border and a six-month visa on arrival, the Mexican coastal resort of Tulum is home to thousands of remote workers.

And as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, there has been an increase in the number of abandoned dogs, but animal groups have also reported a surge of interest in adopting canine companions.

“Dogs provide a source of unconditional love and can help ease loneliness,” says Carmen Torres, the co-founder of Alma Animal Tulum, a non-profit animal rescue organisation.

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