The eternally dirty city: Rome tops list of world’s filthiest towns

Rome has a rubbish problem so bad that some politicians are even calling for the military to help clear up the city, writes Sofia Barbarani from the Italian capital

Wednesday 20 July 2022 14:26 BST
Rubbish in the San Pietro neighbourhood of Rome
Rubbish in the San Pietro neighbourhood of Rome (AGF/Universal Images Group/Getty)

It is one of the greatest cities in the world. And now Rome is also officially one of the dirtiest.

The Italian capital’s overflowing rubbish bins, unbridled rat population and acrid stench have finally earned it the top spot in a list of world’s dirtiest cities.

A poll by Time Out magazine of 27,000 city dwellers from across the globe listed Rome as the number one filthiest city, followed closely behind by New York and Glasgow.

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