Back from the dead: How scientists aim to bring Tasmanian tiger back from extinction

‘De-extinction’ company already planning to return woolly mammoths to Arctic tundra turn attention to more recently lost species

Harry Cockburn
Environment Correspondent
Tuesday 16 August 2022 13:39 BST
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Last known footage of extinct Tasmanian Tiger released

The Tasmanian tiger has been extinct for almost a century, but scientists now claim they are able to resurrect the lost species and return it to the wild.

An organisation specialising in "breakthrough genetic engineering" and which describes itself as a "de-extinction company", has said it has already begun work on bringing back the species, which is properly known as the thylacine.

If the process is successful, the company claims the return of the Tasmanian tiger "has the potential to re-balance the Tasmanian and broader Australian ecosystems," which have suffered biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation since the loss of the predator.

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