5 days in the life of Andrew Mawson One of Tony Blair's social entrepreneurs finds time for Passover and a dog

Rachelle Thackray
Saturday 11 April 1998 23:02 BST

MONDAY: It's usually my day off, but with it being Easter week, I received a few phone calls from my secretary, who's teaching me about a paperless office. I try to spend my day off at home; I do my bit because Susan, my wife, works during the week.

TUESDAY: I was at a meeting of the New Millennium Experience Company (NMEC), talking to them about what this entrepreneurial agenda means. My experience has been that when you encourage people to do it, they want to have a go. The 2000 by 2000 project is simply a catalyst to encourage that process. We are in the East End at the moment, but desperate for more space and about to open an office up in the Haymarket, a centre for social entrepreneurs.

WEDNESDAY: We have been exploring with Royal Sun Alliance how their key skills programme in schools could become a "qualification for citizenship". With companies, we want a relationship because we have things to learn from each other. I also went into town for a dinner with [Cabinet Secretary] Sir Richard Wilson, who has been round our projects in Bow.

THURSDAY: Today was the Passover supper at the Bromley-by-Bow centre. I came there 14 years ago after reading an Anglican report; I heard that a pastor had dropped dead in the middle of a service. A Methodist minister was called in to try to sort this out, and I was encouraged to go and look. There's now an art gallery, 11 creches and a toy library. What I enjoy about the Passover is spending time with the families. It grows to a crescendo when everyone arrives, and we tell the story with the children asking the key questions.

FRIDAY: Got up late. Fern, my 12-year-old daughter, has just taken her Grade 4; she has been wanting a labrador for a while and did this deal with me that if she did the exam we'd look for a dog.

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