Five things we learnt from getting a look inside Adele’s house

Celine Dion’s chewed-up gum is her ‘proudest posession’

Saman Javed
Friday 22 October 2021 11:34 BST
Adele answers Vogue’s 73 Questions
Adele answers Vogue’s 73 Questions (YouTube/Vogue)

Not more than a week after returning to the spotlight with the release of “Easy on Me” – her first single in five years – Adele has taken part in Vogue’s famed “73 Questions”.

The latest episode of the YouTube series, which sees US Vogue cover stars welcome Joe Sabia into their home as he quizzes them on exactly 73 questions, gave viewers a look inside Adele’s Los Angeles home.

Greeting the producer outside, she is dressed in a black tracksuit and trainers, and wearing her signature winged eyeliner. Later in the video, we learn that a cosy jumper is her wardrobe staple, and which brand of eyeliner she likes best.

She also discloses her favourite UK supermarket, that she prefers Prince Harry to Prince William and the piece of jewellery she is never seen without.

Here are the five biggest takeaways from the interview.

Her English roots are everywhere

Early on in the interview, the “Someone Like You” singer revealed that she tried to make her home “feel like an English countryside”.

This influence is evident in her kitchen which features Shaker style wooden kitchen units, a traditional ceramic sink, cosy curtains and floor rugs and crittall windows.

Adele discusses the American word for coriander (Vogue/Youtube)

Later, Adele leads Sabia into a garden which is abundant in greenery and features a seating area with wicker sofas.

“It’s very English out here,” she tells him.

She also revealed which UK supermarket she misses most – the home of Percy Pigs and Colin the Caterpillar, Marks & Spencer.

The singer, who has a nine-year-old son, Angelo, with her ex-husband Simon Konecki, said one of the biggest adjustments during her move to the US was the difference in British and US English usage.

“You have your own funky language for things. Like this is actually coriander, not cilantro,” she says, picking up a bunch of the herb.

“And your eggplants are actually aubergines.”

But thankfully, “tea and coffee culture is the same” in both the UK and LA, she adds.

She takes off her shoes when she comes into the house

When it comes to the shoes on, shoes off debate, Adele seems to be in the latter court.

Adele appears to take off her shoes shortly after welcoming Sabia inside her home as she stops to belt out the Tottenham Hotspur football chant.

Adele does not walk around the house with her outdoor shoes on (Vogue/YouTube)

While the camera doesn’t catch her doing so, our suspicions are confirmed when she is later seen walking around the house in her socks.

She never leaves the house without this accessory

Answering some quick-fire questions about her style choices, Adele said she never leaves the house without a pair of gold hooped earrings.

Adele never leaves the house without her hooped earrings (Vogue/YouTube)

She also prefers comfort over style, but not when it comes to footwear. When asked to choose between slides and heels, she said she “hates slides, it’s got to be heels”.

Her favourite style moment

While some of Adele’s most recent looks have gone viral on social media – most recently her appearance at an NBA game wearing a brown, Louis Vuitton monogram coat – she said her favourite style moment was at the 2012 Grammy Awards.

Adele attended the ceremony wearing a black full-length Giorgio Armani gown, covered in black embellishment.

Adele at the 2012 Grammy Awards (Getty Images)

“I was pregnant, so I just loved that dress,” she recalled.

Her favourite eyeliner

Second to her powerhouse voice and hit ballads, Adele’s image has become synonymous with her signature eyeliner look.

The eye makeup is seen in some of her earliest music videos and even features on the cover of 21, her second studio album.

As Adele has returned to the public eye to promote her upcoming album this year, so has her eyeliner.

On her recent covers for Vogue US and British Vogue, the iconic graphite wing was paired with full lashes and a nude lip.

In both the “Easy on Me” video, and her recent covers for Vogue US and British Vogue, the iconic graphite wing is paired with full lashes and a nude lip.

She revealed that Pat McGrath, the celebrity makeup artist behind both covers, makes her favourite eyeliner.

The liquid eyeliner promises a “velvet matte” finish and retails for £25. You can buy it here.

She has a close bond with her mum

Adele answered a number of questions with anecdotes about her mother, each one indicating that the pair have a close, loving relationship.

She said her happiest memory with her mum dates back to more than 10 years ago.

“Probably when she moved back in with me when I was 21, I was really falling apart and she lovingly put me back together,” she said.

She also shared the best piece of parenting advice her mum has given her, which is to “chill out and stop being so regimented with a routine”.

Her most prized possession

When it comes to personal possessions, Adele takes the prize for the most bizarre and outright extraordinary.

After momentarily hiding the item behind her back, she revealed that she keeps a framed piece of Celine Dion’s used chewing gum in her house.

Adele has framed a piece of Celine Dion’s used gum (Vogue/YouTube)

Sharing the story behind the strange acquirement, Adele said it had been a gift from her friend James Corden.

“He did carpool karaoke with her and he knew how much of a fan I was, so he made her spit her gum into a piece of paper and he framed it for me.

“And it’s my proudest possession,” she says with a grin.

You can watch the full interview here.

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