AJ McLean celebrates two years of sobriety: ‘One hell of a journey’

‘I’m trying to keep my feet firmly planted in the program,’ famed singer says

Kaleigh Werner
New York
Thursday 28 September 2023 16:07 BST
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AJ McLean has celebrated two years of sobriety after a long journey.

The Backstreet Boys singer has spoken candidly of his struggle with substance abuse to raise awareness, hosting 12-step Alcoholics Anonymous meetings at his home to aid others. Now he’s honouring the work he’s done for the past couple of years in getting to a healthy place mentally and physically.

On 26 September, the 45-year-old music icon took to Instagram to share his achievement. “Today is a very special day for me,” he said in the video. “And it’s been one hell of a journey. A lot of bumps in the road, a lot of highs, a lot of lows. But today is two years sober for me.”

McLean expressed immeasurable gratitude for his sponsors and supporters who’ve motivated him throughout. “I’m very grateful for everyone in my camp,” he remarked.

“I am extremely grateful to my sponsor and my therapist and to all the support that I’ve gotten throughout the years,” he continued. “And if this helps another addict out there, then I did my job. You can do it, if I can do it. God bless you all. And cheers to another day sober.”

In conversation with People, the “Everybody” artist gave insight into what it’s been like making it to the two-year mark. While McLean admitted his sobriety “is the most solid it’s ever been,” he said he’s dealt with ongoing self-esteem issues for a while.

“I’m trying to keep my feet firmly planted in the program,” he noted. “I’ve battled self-esteem issues my entire life, and I’ve learned a lot.”

“I’m in the best shape of my life, both mentally, physically, spiritually,” McLean went on. “I’m actually really happy and I love it, and I don’t want to lose it. I want to continue to keep growing, growing with my wife and my kids and myself.”

The renowned dancer tied the knot with Rochelle DeAnna McLean in 2011, two years after they began dating. McLean met his forever partner in 2008 while she was working as a waitress at a restaurant in Los Angeles.

By 2012, the happy couple had welcomed their first child together, Elliott. McLean and Rochelle also share six-year-old Lyric.

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