American Girl is bringing back three classic dolls to the joy of fans: ‘Giving the millennials what we want’

“We look forward to continuing to engage and inspire American Girl fans of all ages for years to come,” spokesperson says

Olivia Hebert
Los Angeles
Monday 13 May 2024 20:18 BST
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American Girl is bringing back classic historical dolls and fan favourites Addy, Josefina, and Kirsten, and millennials who used to play with the dolls are overjoyed.

On 6 May, the iconic doll brand announced on Instagram that some of its original historical dolls will be making a comeback, and are set to return to shelves in their original styles. The brand plans on reissuing all three dolls in new tribute collections, complete with the burgundy boxes the dolls originally came in back in the day. The dolls will also come with their original paperback books that provided backstories and adventures for each of the dolls.

“We’ve heard countless inspiring stories from our fans about how the brand has played an impactful role in their lives, such as learning more about American history from the books and how their American Girl dolls were a cherished part of their childhoods,” Jamie Cygielman, the general manager of American Girl, explained to People. The three dolls were flagship characters for the brand, and have been a key component of the brand’s foundation.

She continued: “We’re thrilled to re-introduce these classic characters with the new tribute collections that celebrate American Girl’s roots – stirring up a wave of nostalgia and inspiring a new generation of fans with these timeless stories and products.”

“American Girl’s foundational Historical Collection remains a pillar of the brand – and Kirsten Larson, Addy Walker, and Josefina Montoya have been a major part of building our brand affinity over the past several decades,” Cygielman added. “We look forward to continuing to engage and inspire American Girl fans of all ages for years to come.”

Kirsten Larson – one of the company’s first three historical characters, which debuted in 1986 – will be available to buy nearly 14 years after being archived. The last time the doll was brought back was for a special re-release in a 35th anniversary edition in 2021. This time around, the doll will be sold in her original clothes along with her accompanying novel.

Although Addy and Josefina have never been archived, their outfits have undergone some notable changes over the years, but with this new release, the dolls will be bringing back their original garments.

Besides the classic tribute collections, the brand will also reissue Kirsten, Addy, and Josefina’s original birthday party outfits as well as accompanying Happy Birthday novels. This will be the first time the birthday collections will be available for each doll, with Kirsten’s having been gone since 2010, Addy’s since 2013, and Josefina’s since 2018.

On social media, the announcement has been met with joy from adult fans of American Girl who grew up playing with the dolls.

“So happy you’re giving the millennials what we want! Can’t wait to see what else you bring back,” one person wrote on Instagram, while another said: “The queens are BACK.”

“This is giving all the nostalgia,” someone else commented.

Others shared their hopes that other dolls in the collection would be brought back as well. “I’d love to see Felicity brought back!! She’s my absolute favourite and I was never able to get her doll growing up,” one person wrote.

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