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Amy Robach says her engagement ring from ex-husband Andrew Shue ‘didn’t exist’

‘I didn’t really have one the second time. My second one didn’t exist,’ Robach says

Brittany Miller
New York
Tuesday 21 May 2024 15:29
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Amy Robach has admitted that her second husband didn’t give her an engagement ring.

On Monday 20 May, the former ABC news reporter talked about marriage and engagement rings on the most recent episode of her podcast with boyfriend and former co-host, TJ Holmes, titled the Amy and TJ podcast.

The two of them were having a discussion about how much engagement rings cost, when Robach dived into the exact prices of her own. “My first one was $3,000,” she said, referencing her 13-year marriage to Tim McIntosh. “And I didn’t really have one the second time. My second one didn’t exist.”

Amy Robach says her engagement ring from ex Andrew Shue ‘didn’t exist’ (Getty Images for iHeartRadio)

Robach went on to say that it might have been the best that her second husband, Andrew Shue, never gave her an engagement ring because of their divorce in 2023 and how difficult it can be to sell a ring after it’s been purchased.

“I also think this is a cautionary tale because we do know that close to 50 percent of all marriages end in divorce,” she said. “If you think you’ve got some property value in a ring, no matter how much you spent, wait till you have to try and sell that said ring. It is pennies to what you actually purchased. So these beautiful pieces of jewelry don’t appreciate. In fact, it’s like buying a car. The second you try to sell it after you’ve purchased it, it goes down significantly in value.”

Shue and Robach divorced in March 2023 after being separated since August 2022, prior to the news of Holmes and Robach’s relationship came out. Holmes was also previously married to Amy Ferson and then Marilee Fiebig.

As for whether the two of them will be getting married, Holmes and Robach revealed during their podcast that they were “on the fence” about it.

“I wanna marry you. I don’t need to. I want to be married to you. And that’s such a different thing as we sit here and talk about engagement rings and joint accounts,” Holmes said.

“It’s interesting having gone through this now, both of us twice,” Robach added. “And, I know that can be joke material, but I actually think it’s been such hard-earned, God, I mean, just I’ve learned so much through going through both of those relationships and now being in this one with you.”

“We all get caught up in the traditions and in the expectations and in what we think we’re supposed to do or what looks like the next thing to do.”

She added that there are some exciting aspects of marriage, but the relationship itself should always come first.

“I get the excitement of all of that and the ring and the wedding dress and the all of that. But at the end of the day it’s about the relationship and most importantly it’s about the communication,” Robach said.

Despite not being set in stone on ever getting married, the couple did seem open to exchanging promise rings.

“I am gonna only do a promise ring because things might not work out,” Holmes said. “I get it. That is probably the safe thing to do given the numbers, but something about that feels odd as I sit here with you with a ring around your neck.”

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