Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tells Stephen Colbert she gives 'zero f***s' about criticism from other Democrats

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez reveals her skincare and makeup routine in Instagram post

The Congresswoman emphasised the importance of daily sunscreen application 

Chelsea Ritschel
New York
Tuesday 29 January 2019 16:38

She made history by becoming the youngest-ever Congresswomen - and quickly became a daily target of right-wing media and online trolls, partly for her non-conventional use of social media.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s latest surprising update? Sharing her detailed skincare routine, which she says helps her to prioritise self-care despite her stressful public role.

The politician recently shared her makeup and skincare ritual with her Instagram followers – and it was widely praised as making her even more relatable.

Ms Ocasio-Cortez shared the insight after a follower asked her: “How do you stay stress-free and how do you keep your skin so clear?!”

Having explained portions of her beauty routine before, including her affinity for press-on nails, Ms Ocasio-Cortez shared her entire routine, which she described as a “blend between K-beauty and scientific consensus.”

According to the Congresswoman, her makeup routine during the day is simple – she relies on just moisturiser or bb cream, concealer, mascara, blush, stick highlighter, brow gel, and lip colour for her daily look and avoids “full-coverage foundation.”

On “fancier days,” she also uses powder contour, eyeliner and eyeshadow – but skips false eyelashes because she’s been unable to glue them on successfully.

And she doesn’t have a preference when it comes to drug store or high-end cosmetics, as she’s used both.

“I also straight up don’t wear makeup some days and everyone just has to deal with it,” she wrote, after advising: “When it comes to makeup, don’t use more than you need.”

Her most important advice, however, came in the form of her daily skincare and cleansing routine.

According to the Congresswoman, she keeps her skin clear despite being “stressed pretty much every day” by following a three-part routine involving double cleansing – using a balm or wipe to remove makeup followed by a cleanser – toners and actives, and moisturiser and sunscreen.

“Use a moisturiser that works with your skin,” she told her two million followers. “I find moisturiser to be one of the most personal steps because everyone’s skin is different and it’s like finding jeans that fit.”

“Then: SUNSCREEN! The most important thing,” she said of the daily habit she has been following since she was 19.

She also revealed she “experiments” a lot with skincare and tools and tries to do a “face mask or eye patch or something extra like that every once in a while” and that omitting dairy from her diet helps her skin from breaking out.

“DIET impacts a lot,” she wrote.

On Twitter, the Democratic Congresswoman was praised for sharing the latest insight into her life.

“Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez posted her skincare routine on her Instagram story and I just do not know how I can love her more than I already do right now,” one person wrote.

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Another said: “Get you a politician like AOC that gives well thought-out answers on campaigns AND skincare routines.”

“I follow you for the politics but damn if you didn’t finally explain what I’ve been trying to learn about skincare for the last two years,” someone else tweeted.

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