Arsonist walks free

Joy Persaud
Sunday 10 July 1994 23:02

An arsonist who set fire to the cricket pavilion at Glaxo's sports centre in Oldfield Lane, Greenford, causing more than pounds 27, 000 of damage, has been put on probation for two years on condition he receives psychiatric treatment.

Shane Cole, 21, who lives in a community home, admitted charges of arson and of reckless damage at Isleworth Crown Court on Friday.

He told police: 'I threw the match down and some plastic started burning. Instead of trying to put it out, I panicked and ran. Something started to explode so I warned the fire brigade because I didn't want anyone to get injured.'

Judge William Thomas told Cole he was impressed by the reports on him and realised he had 'special difficulties'. The judge said that he would receive a 'substantial prison sentence' if he reoffended.

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