These are Canada's most unusual baby names of 2017

From Seven to Xax, here are some of the most out there monikers

Sarah Young
Thursday 04 October 2018 11:02 BST
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Choosing a baby name that feels truly unique is no easy feat, so if you don’t want your child to be the third “Matthew” or “Molly” in their class, this list of unusual names might just have the answer you're looking for.

Every year, the Alberta government releases a list of all the baby names registered in the Canadian province and, for the most part, the monikers which made the cut came as no real surprise.

Topping the list for boys was Noah, which was given to 250 babies in 2017, followed by Liam, Benjamin, Logan and Lucas.

For baby girls, Olivia continues to reign the top spot for a fifth year in a row, followed by Emma, Charlotte, Ava and Sophia.

But, while many of the monikers are traditional, it seems some parents have been more creative than others in their bid to find a distinctive name for their child.

On the boys' list, names like Blaze, Godspower, Nitorious-Shyne, Heaven and even V made an appearance.

As for the girls, parents came up with unusual monikers such as Beautiful, Empress, Fancy and Snow.

Game of Thrones fans will also be pleased to hear that three little boys were named Tyrion last year, while one girl was name Daenerys.

The bizarre list of names hasn’t gone unnoticed online, with a number of people taking to social media to mock them.

“There’s an infant in Alberta named ‘Chrome’ and…well…I wish him nothing but luck in life,” one person wrote on Twitter.

Another added: “What’s wrong with Alberta’s drinking water?”

A third wrote: “Is this a Metal Gear Solid codename generator?”

Recently, millennial parents hit the headlines for picking baby names for their children based on available domain names.

A study, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of GoDaddy, revealed that as many as one if five millennial parents said they changed or seriously considered changing their baby’s name based on what domain names were free at the time.

It also found that the importance of a strong internet presence for children has nearly doubled among parents between the generations – 48 per cent of millennials believe it is important for their child to have an online presence early in life, compared to just 27 per cent of Gen X respondents.

Melissa Schneider, trends expert at GoDaddy, said: “It’s no longer enough to make sure that your baby is enrolled at the top elementary school at birth – parents today are claiming their child’s name and online identity to make sure that they’re set up for success down the line.

“More than ever, it’s essential to own your own identity on the internet, and millennials know that better than anyone else.

Today’s parents know that the internet is woven into the fabric of our daily lives, and teaching them how to show up well online is vital.”

Alberta's top 10 names for baby girls:

  • Olivia - 236
  • Emma - 215
  • Charlotte - 187
  • Ava - 184
  • Sophia – 184
  • Emily - 159
  • Abigail - 154
  • Amelia - 149
  • Isabella - 141
  • Aria - 129

Alberta's top 10 names for baby boys:

  • Noah - 250
  • Liam - 244
  • Benjamin - 229
  • Logan - 226
  • Lucas – 216
  • William - 213
  • Ethan - 192
  • Oliver - 190
  • Jack - 189
  • Jacob – 178

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