Barbie honours boxing champion Nicola Adams OBE with ‘Shero’ doll

‘It's a huge honour’

Olivia Petter
Tuesday 06 March 2018 15:06 GMT
Barbie unveils Nicola Adams 'Boxing Barbie' doll ahead of International Women's Day

Barbie has unveiled a special edition doll made to resemble two-time Olympic gold medallist Nicola Adams OBE to celebrate International Women’s Day.

The first-ever boxing Barbie comes complete with personalised gloves and kit emblazoned with Adams’ nickname “Lioness”.

Adams joins a line-up of 14 female role models honoured by the brand, including filmmaker Patty Jenkins and prima ballerina Yuan Yuan Tan.

We spoke to Adams in an exclusive interview about the initiative, International Women’s Day and why there aren’t enough women in sport.


“I wish we didn’t need one day to recognise women, but we actually do need it so that people can see what women are achieving all around the world on a huge platform,” the boxing champion told The Independent.

“International Women’s Day is about showing what women can achieve – whether that’s in the office or in sport.

“We can achieve our goals and dreams and become Olympic champions and I think being able to see that is really inspiring.”

With regards to gender imparities in the sport industry, Adams believes there's still "a huge gap that needs closing".

"There has been progress, which is good to see. I think we just need a little bit more," she said.

"More women are being featured in magazines and on TV, which is crucial when it comes to inspiring the next generation.

"If the next generation doesn’t see women in powerful positions or becoming champions in sport, how do they know what they can achieve or aspire towards?"

Barbie's Shero programme aims to recognise women from a diverse range of backgrounds and professional fields, resulting in one-of-a-kind dolls made in their likeness to inspire young girls and Barbie consumers around the world.

Adams is the first woman from the UK to be honoured with a Shero doll, with previous dolls made to replicate model Ashley Graham and Eva Chen, Instagram's head of fashion partnerships.

“I was completely blown away when I saw my Barbie for the first time, there’s so much detail - it even has my haircut!” said Adams, who added that she was “really honoured” to be chosen as one of the brand’s iconic dolls.

“Barbie is such a huge household name, so to think that they picked me, a British athlete, to represent International Women’s Day, it's a huge honour."

As for women who Adams herself looks to for inspiration, she reveals her role model has always been her mother.

"She’s been an absolutely amazing mother, the whole way through bringing me up, my career, motivating me to work harder," she said.

"She was there when I’ve been through ups and downs and has always been there to pick me up, guide me and show me what life’s about."

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