Bianca Censori criticised for wearing bandages as shoes on Disneyland date with Kanye West

‘How is this allowed in Disneyland?’ perplexed viewer questions

Kaleigh Werner
New York
Wednesday 17 April 2024 19:42 BST
Bianca Censori channels Kanye West's ex Kim Kardashian in plunging white dress
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Bianca Censori’s style choice for a Disneyland date with husband Kanye West was not well-received.

Though the 29-year-old‘s fashion picks often prompt controversy, her latest outfit, at first, seemed like the least radical, according to fans online. However, upon second glance, eagle-eyed viewers noticed Censori wasn’t wearing shoes, just bandages.

In footage uploaded online, the model and rapper are seen walking through the amusement park holding hands. Censori is dressed in a two-toned nude, square-neck top and matching spandex shorts with medical wrap around the soles of her feet and ankles. Meanwhile, the “Pure Souls” artist donned a white hoodie, baggy sweatpants, and sneakers.

As the two on the cobblestone pathways, Censori’s feet picked up a collection of dirt, darkening the bottoms of the bandages.

Viewers on TikTok couldn’t believe the A-lister chose to forego footwear for a day spent frolicking through Disneyland.

“My feet hurt for her. Disney with the comfiest shoes is hard enough, I can’t imagine being basically barefoot,” a candid woman exclaimed.

Another said: “Walking around with no shoes on, so weird bro.”

“No shoes in that place is disgusting,” a blunt individual remarked.

A fourth added: “I’m confused this lady wearing no shoes and the majority of the public allowed her to enter with no shoes on is beyond my comprehension.”

Other bothered viewers questioned the example the pair was setting for all the young children at the park with them.

“Such a good example for all the children Disney,” one sarcastic individual quipped.

A second asked: “How is this allowed in Disneyland?”

It’s no secret West loves to be involved in the clothing choices of the women he’s in a relationship with. From Kim Kardashian to Julia Fox, the father of four has picked out outfits for his girlfriends that reflect his personal taste and style desires.

Yet, he and Censori’s looks, or lack thereof, have run the couple into trouble. This past summer, while vacationing in Italy, the pair was banned from a Venice boat company for alleged indecency.

A spokesperson for Venezia Turismo Motoscafi explained that the driver hadn’t seen “these obscenities” because he was focused on the traffic water in front of them, according to the press release announcing West and Censori’s ban.

The statement went on to say that if the driver had seen the activity, they would’ve “immediately disembarked and reported the transgressors to those in authority”.

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