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Breast cancer survivor shares powerful photo of her body after a double mastectomy

'I will never be able to shake the feeling of fear'

Sarah Young
Tuesday 17 October 2017 15:33 BST

A woman has shared a photo of her body after having a double mastectomy in a bid to urge women to check their breasts.

In 2015, Amanda Niello, 31, from Alamo, California, had to undergo a double mastectomy after being diagnosed with stage two breast cancer.

But, while Niello survived, had reconstruction on both breasts, and went on to grow a full head of hair, her experience of cancer has lingered.

It is because of this that, two years on, the survivor took to Instagram to share a photo of her body shortly after getting her double mastectomy, still wearing the bandages and drains intact.

“Two years ago today, I had both my boobies removed due to a diagnosis of Stage II breast cancer,” she writes.

“Even though I have my hair back and my tots look pretty good after reconstruction if I do say so myself, I will never be able to shake the feeling of fear that the thing that tried to kill me will return.”

Niello, who documented her journey on her blog, Thanks, I Have Cancer, went on to describe how the illness impacted her personal life before urging her followers to regularly check their breasts.

“I am so thankful for the people in my life that have stuck by my side, but I still mourn the relationships I lost with people who couldn’t deal with my disease,” she added.

“Life is f***ing crazy and sad and joyous and wild, and we’ll never know what could hit us tomorrow, but if we can at least try to prevent illness, let’s do it.

“Feel yourself up today, go get a check-up, talk to your tribe about health and wellness, dance, run, jump around, and keep living, no matter how hard it might be sometimes.”

Proof that life can and will go on, Niello hopes that her candid post will inspire both men and women to take check their bodies, and go to the doctor if they notice any changes.

It was welcomed with a flood of positive comments, and people from all over the world thanked Niello for sharing such a personal photo and her reassuring words.

“Thank you for this vulnerable and beautiful share,” one person wrote.

Another added, “You're one bad-ass warrior, Thanks for sharing and being brave.”

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