Bride-to-be requires wedding party to compete for spot (Stock)
Bride-to-be requires wedding party to compete for spot (Stock)

Bride-to-be mocked for having guests compete for spot in bridal party

The bride-to-be has not actually gotten engaged yet 

Chelsea Ritschel
New York
Tuesday 30 October 2018 17:26

A bride-to-be’s wedding-planning technique is being criticised, after she informed her family and friends they needed to compete for a position in her wedding party.

According to a post shared to Reddit by the bride-to-be’s sister, the anonymous woman is getting engaged - and doesn’t want to have to worry about who will be in her bridal party.

So, to simplify the matter of who would get the honour of being bridesmaid one and two, groomsmen two, and the flower girl, the future bride decided to put the choice on her friends and family - who would have to "secure" their spots.

“My sister is getting engaged and is having her potential bridal party battle it out so she has one less thing to worry about before the engagement,” the bride’s sister wrote, alongside screenshots of text messages.

In the first message, the bride-to-be wrote: “Congrats! You’ve made it into the final round of the Bridal Party Brawl!”

The message then informs the recipients that there are seven “players left” and only four spots available - but getting a spot wasn’t as easy as just wanting it.

According to the bride’s messages, certain requirements had to be fulfilled to get the job - including a “promise to host a party (must be couples) at a venue other than someone’s house,” a gift of cash or a check worth “at least $500 (£392)” and a “day of” gift worth at least $100 (£78).

“You must attend every shower/party we have and will be required to purchase a gift for each one (with a value of at least $50 (£39),” the bride explained.

The “entitled and egotistical” bride also warned that any member of the bridal party that failed to fulfil their duties would be held “legally responsible.”

“You will sign a contract that holds you legally responsible for meeting all of our requirements and says that if you don’t, you will be legally held to reimbursing us for the time we wasted and the stress of causing problems,” she wrote.

The bridal competition was met with disbelief and amusement online - with many people offering suggestions of what they would say if they received the message.

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“I’d just laugh in her face. Or via text. Or both,” one person responded.

Another said: “A good ‘no thanks’ would be my response to that greedy troll.”

Others were shocked by the monetary requirement, which broke down to $1,150 (£902) each - not including “venue costs, food/drinks, wedding outfits/accessories, activities for the bachelor/bachelorette party, and hair and makeup.”

But according to the bride-to-be’s sister, the friends were probably not surprised by the texts - as they have had similar expectations for their own weddings.

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“From what little I know of them, they are just like her,” her sister wrote.

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