Bride demands bridesmaids pay for her cancelled wedding after she had an affair with groom’s uncle

‘I’m so amused by the audacity of bridezillas. It never ceases to amaze me,’ one commenter writes

Brittany Miller
New York
Tuesday 23 January 2024 08:32 GMT
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A bride has demanded her bridesmaids cover the fees for her cancelled wedding.

In a Reddit post to the Wedding Shaming subreddit, one of her bridesmaids took to the platform to complain about everything that has gone wrong in the wedding.

“She refused to invite my best friend, who she’s supposedly good friends with, because she thinks we’re lesbian lovers. We’re not,” she wrote, explaining the first occurrence.

The bride, named Dana, then requested that the bridal party buy a $2,000 dress and refused to let her fiancé, named Josh, invite any women that weren’t his relatives to the wedding.

The Reddit poster added: “One of the girls in the bridal party doesn’t drink because of her religion. Dana accused her of being pregnant in front of her parents and almost got her kicked out of her house. She was not pregnant and she dropped from the bridal party. She was a class act, though, and never bad talked Dana. Just said she couldn’t make it. We found out about it pretty much on the day of the wedding.

“She tried to make us cancel our holidays with our families to instead go with her to a destination bachelorette party. I work full time even during holidays, so I told her that was not happening. More of the bridesmaids said similar things and she dropped it.”

The bride’s behaviour only got worse on the day of the wedding. She first had a “meltdown” when her flower girl had the chickenpox and cancelled, so she threatened to sue the flower girl’s mother if she didn’t show up.

“It had to be about five minutes before the start of the wedding when Maid of Honour came over to tell me the wedding was cancelled. I asked her what happened,” the Reddit post continued.

The maid of honour – who was also Josh’s older sister – told the bridesmaid that her brother caught Dana having a “quickie” with his uncle.

The maid of honour revealed that the bride’s father told his daughter she would have to pay for the wedding all by herself because of what she had done. “I thought that was the end of it,” the bridesmaid wrote. “I made the choice to separate myself from this mess. Until I got a call from Dana, not even an hour ago, demanding $5,000 to help pay her cancellation fees.”

“According to Dana, it was our duty as the bridal party to pay her cancellation fees. I obviously told her no and that she might as well lose my number. I am never speaking to this woman again.”

After posting, many people ended up taking to the comments section to express their shock over everything that happened at one wedding.

“It’s a good thing he got out of the wedding but how didn’t he realise he was making a huge mistake before then; not being able to invite women that aren’t family is a huge red flag,” one commenter questioned.

“Plus all the other toxic behaviour that was described leading up to the wedding should have been a sign that the bride was a bad person and the marriage wasn’t going to last.”

“You are smart to have booked it out from the drama but I would have grabbed some popcorn and watched the whole mess,” another commented.

A third person wrote: “Lmfao, unbelievable! I’m so amused by the audacity of bridezillas. It never ceases to amaze me.”

“I’m surprised it took that long for Josh to break it off - Dana sounds like a terrible person to be around,” a fourth commenter typed.

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