Bridesmaid accused of ‘ruining’ best friend’s bridal shower with nail polish colour

‘Sounds like a bridezilla is forming,’ one reader of the Reddit AITA thread wrote

Kaleigh Werner
New York
Monday 01 April 2024 17:46 BST
Wedding Hula Hoop

One bridesmaid’s nail polish colour sparked upset at her best friend’s bridal shower.

The candid woman took to Reddit’s popular forum, Am I The A**hole, to gather other opinions after the 24-year-old bride accused her of stealing her thunder.

By way of adding context, the Redditor, 25, explained that she and the bride “have been best friends for 15 years”. In that time, they’ve rarely had arguments or drama between them. Naturally, when the Reddit user’s friend got engaged, she was asked to be her maid of honour.

“I was ecstatic to be a part of this happy time for her, but that excitement has slowly started dying down because of how she’s been treating me the last few months,” she explained. “My final straw with her happened over this weekend during her bridal shower.”

The original poster continued: “I arrived early to set up decorations, games, food, etc before the event because I wanted to make sure she’d have a memorable day. Everything looked beautiful, and when my best friend got there, she looked thrilled.”

Unfortunately, everything went downhill when the bride glanced at the Reddit user’s white nail polish. Picking up her apparent fixation, the Redditor asked her friend if something was wrong.

“We started to get ready for some fun bridal games when my friend pulled me aside to have a private chat,” the woman added. Initially, she thought the conversation was going to be about the exciting schedule for the day. Instead, the bride made a harsh request.

The Reddit user proclaimed: “She told me she wanted me to either rip off my nails or go home because she felt like the white nails were a subtle dig at her or a way for me to take attention off of her as white is 100 per cent reserved for the bride.”

According to the Redditor, her white nails were press-ons that she had got for a date with her boyfriend. She never got around to taking them off and didn’t think it would be a big deal if she wore them to the bridal shower.

“Anyway, I told her no, I would not be taking them off because this situation was honestly ridiculous and it wasn’t like I was wearing a white dress or anything to take the attention from her,” the writer remarked. “As I said before, I absolutely hate conflict, so I think the fact I was standing up to her caught her off guard. She looked stunned, and then she started tearing up and saying I was trying to ruin the day for her.”

Her friend’s mother came over to see what the problem was, and before long, the Redditor was asked to leave the shower. She was accused of “not respecting the bride’s wishes”.

Since then, the Reddit user has received a handful of messages, including one from the groom requesting that she apologise to her friend for the sake of the wedding.

“Her fiancé even asked me to apologise and make up so the wedding can run smoothly in a few days,” she said. “Apparently, she didn’t think I’d actually leave and thought I’d rip off my nails after her threat.”

Though the original poster’s boyfriend has made it clear he didn’t think the bride’s reaction was warranted, she’s starting to have second thoughts about the decision to leave and not take her nails off.

Insightful readers flocked to the Redditor’s comments to offer their thoughts on the situation, most agreeing with her boyfriend.

“They are nails. I get not wearing a white dress but never heard of not being able to wear white nails. She needs to get a grip and get over herself,” a blunt viewer proclaimed, while another wrote: “Sounds like a bridezilla is forming.”

A third remarked: “I’m surprised the bridezilla didn’t complain about the napkins being white. NTA OP. Drop out of the wedding.”

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