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Cara Delevingne says watching Disney films as a child made her question her sexuality

Sarah Young
Thursday 28 March 2019 14:23 GMT
Cara Delevingne wore a power suit and top hat to the royal wedding

Cara Delevingne has said that watching Disney films as a child made her question her sexuality.

The 25-year-old model and actor has spoken about her sexual orientation on multiple occasions over the years, revealing that she identifies as sexually fluid – a term that refers to the idea that a person's attractions and sexual identity can change over time.

In an interview with Drag Race judges RuPaul and Michelle Visage on the podcast What’s The Tee? on Wednesday, Delevingne opened up about her relationships, recalling how growing up watching Disney films led to her struggles with sexuality.

“I never really wanted to accept my sexuality,” she explained.

“I was like, ‘Disney princesses all love men’. That's the way it is, and I'm not going to be a princess if I don't’. You know what I mean?”

The model said she now realises that sexuality is represented in Disney films isn't entirely representative, saying “the reality is that we're all very [sexually] fluid”.

Delevingne also seconded Visage comments on Disney, after she said the entertainment company “could make a big difference in this world” if it chose to feature characters who were queer or gender-fluid.

"They really could. It's really important for them [children] to understand being gay and fluidity," Delevingne said.

In 2016, it was revealed that Finding Dory would be the first Disney film to include a transgender character.

“There’s a stingray that’s becoming sting-Rhonda, so there’s a trans sting in the movie,” Ellen DeGeneres, who voiced the popular character Dory in the 2003 hit animated film Finding Nemo, told USA Today about the new character.

During the interview, Delevingne also spoke about the power play between men and women when it comes to dating.

“That whole courting process of power is very interesting, and it's different with men and women," Delevingne said.

“I'm always very submissive with men. Always. But with women, I'm the opposite. So it's weird.”

This isn’t the first time the model has discussed her sexuality. In an interview with Glamour magazine in 2017, Delevingne explained that she was met with confusion when she first came out as sexually fluid.

“Once I spoke about my sexual fluidity, people were like, 'So you're gay,'” she explained.

“And I'm like, 'No, I'm not gay.

”A lot of the friends I have who are straight have such an old way of thinking. It's, 'So you’re just gay, right?' [They] don't understand it. [If] I'm like, 'Oh, I really like this guy,' [they're like], 'But you’re gay.' I'm like, 'No, you're so annoying!'"

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