Woman orders necklace for ex with names of women he cheated with

‘I would 100 per cent do this,’ one viewer wrote

Chelsea Ritschel
New York
Wednesday 16 June 2021 19:29
Woman requests jewellery store makes necklace for boyfriend with names of women he cheated with

A jewellery store has shared a viral TikTok of the company filling an order placed by a scorned woman for her cheating boyfriend.

On Monday, DBL Jewelry, which goes by the username @ceo.liv on TikTok, where the small business has more than 1.8m followers, uploaded a video of an order for a woman requesting a custom necklace engraved with the names of the women her boyfriend had cheated with for an anniversary gift.

The order was placed by one of the jewellery store’s TikTok followers, who previously commented: “My boyfriend cheated and I’m sending him a necklace with ALL the girls’ names on it.”

In a TikTok created in response to the comment, the small business owner explained in the voiceover that the customer wants her to engrave all of the names of the women on the front of the necklace, and then the couple’s anniversary date, 21 June 2015, on the back.

Along with the comment, the business showed the order request, which reads: “He cheated with three girls so here’s his anniversary gift (he doesn’t know I know yet),” before asking that the necklace be engraved with the names Ashley, Genesis and Karen.

The business owner then showed the process of making the jewellery, and the final result, before explaining that the woman plans to give her boyfriend the necklace “in front of his family so that he can read it out loud”.

However, the TikTok also noted that the woman purchased gifts for herself as well, with the business showing off other various pieces of jewellery including butterfly necklaces and a crystal bracelet “that takes away negativity” purchased by the customer.

“I can’t wait to see his reaction,” the jewellery company concluded the video, which has since been viewed more than 3.5m times.

The woman’s revenge plan, which was paid for with the man’s credit card, has been met with mostly supportive messages in the comments, with many applauding her for the idea and commiserating with her over the soon-to-be end of her relationship.

“Power move sheesh, in front of his family too,” one person commented, while another said: “I ABSOLUTELY need the video of that gifting.”

Someone else added: “The fact that she used his credit card is perfect.”

Others joked about the boyfriend cheating with a woman named Karen, which has become synonymous with entitled individuals, with another viewer writing: “I would go to JAIL if my boyfriend of six or seven years cheated on me with a Karen. I would go to jail regardless but still.”

“Of course it was a Karen…” someone else wrote.

While the majority of TikTok users supported the plan, one viewer noted that she would not have “wasted the money,” but would have instead waited to receive her anniversary gift before leaving.

“I will not waste my money, might go for dinner and receive the gift from him but then bye… this is savage though,” she wrote.

As of now, neither the business nor the TikTok user who requested the order have posted a follow-up video, however, DBL Jewelry encouraged viewers to “like for part two”.

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