Tear jerking German Christmas ad goes viral and hailed the ‘best’ festive advertisement this year

Dutch pharmaceuticals company DocMorris produces an emotional belter of a festive add, featuring a grandfather on his quest for fitness 

Jade Bremner
Monday 14 December 2020 13:36 GMT
German Christmas ad hailed the 'best' festive advertisement this year
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Just as we thought we’d seen all the best Christmas ads for 2020, a surprise addition to the line up has broken through, featuring a weightlifting grandfather.

The viral two-minute ad from Dutch pharmaceuticals company DocMorris has so far clocked up more than 6.5 million views on YouTube and millions more on other social media platforms. It follows the story of an old man as he tries to lift a large kettlebell, dragging it out of the house in all weathers, and doing his slow fitness routine throughout the seasons.

We see him struggling and looking fondly at a photograph of someone – the motivation for his workout. He lifts amid the autumn trees and the winter snow, much to the dismay of his neighbours, and then visits his family for Christmas.

He arrives at the house with a star for the Christmas tree. When his granddaughter appears, he’s able to lift her up so she can place the star at the top of the tree.

The ad finishes with the slogan written in Geman: “So that you can take care of what really matters in life”.

“As far as Christmas adverts go, this one for @docmorris is an absolute beauty. It's over 2 minutes long, but do watch it until the end. It's bloody lovely,” said one Twitter user.

Others have gone so far as to say it’s the “Best Christmas Advertisement this Year”.

People around the globe have posted about how the ad made them well up with tears.

“This commercial took me down and made me cry right at my work desk today. I showed it to three coworkers, and all three also ended up in tears. This is absolutely lovely,” said one user.

“Tis the season to cry at absolutely everything. This ad is phenomenal,” said another Twitter user.

“Sweet Jesus I’m a mess. Well worth 2 mins if you are a parent,” posed another.

“This year is the best gift of all that we are fine and healthy. That is why your health is also a matter close to our heart. So that you can take care of what really matters in life, especially at Christmas: to spend a carefree time with your family and loved ones,” wrote DocMorris on YouTube, when it posted the video. “DocMorris wishes you and all your relatives a happy and unforgettable celebration. Stay healthy!”

Another tear-jerking grandparent Christmas ad for 2020 comes from Irish brand SuperValu. The minute-long film follows a young boy who wonders if “he’s still coming this year”, leading viewers to think he’s dreaming about Father Christmas as he leaves out mince pies and a glass of milk. The last scene shows he was, in fact, hoping his Granddad will be able to visit, as he runs up and hugs him on Christmas Day.

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