Aldi releases Christmas advert 2019 with Kevin the Carrot in Peaky Blinders-themed short film

Aldi Christmas advert sees Kevin the Carrot up against Leafy Blinders as he sings Robbie Williams song

'Sprouts are gone and Kevin's here, shower me with festive cheer,' Kevin the Carrot sings in the style of Robbie Williams

Sabrina Barr@fabsab5
Wednesday 06 November 2019 10:37

Kevin the Carrot has had to wangle his way out of a pickle in Aldi‘s 2019 Christmas advert as the popular anthropomorphic vegetable faces the menacing “Leafy Blinders”.

Over the past few years, Kevin the Carrot has become a popular fixture of Aldi’s Christmas campaigns, starring in adverts for the German supermarket since 2016.

This year’s advert, which was first teased last week, sees the festive character go up against a gang of Brussels sprouts inspired by the Peaky Blinders, a Birmingham street gang led by Cillian Murphy in the BBC drama of the same name.

Led by the threatening Russell Sprout, the mob have Kevin tied up against a cheese grater, angry that he and his family have made the carrot one of the more popular vegetables on the Christmas dinner table.

With the help of a tomato called Tiny Tom, named after Tiny Tim in Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, Kevin is able to escape the grasp of the Leafy Blinders and make his way to a circus tent, just in time for his big performance.

Russell Sprout and the Leafy Blinders
Russell Sprout and the Leafy Blinders

Kevin the Carrot immediately takes to the stage, banging the floor with a cane as the audience cheer in anticipation.

He then breaks into the tune of Robbie Williams’ “Let Me Entertain You”, with the lyrics changed for a festive twist.

“Sprouts are gone and Kevin’s here, shower me with festive cheer, break those mince pies over here, with cream!” Kevin bellows.

Kevin the Carrot breaks into song

The carrot continues singing as his wife, Katie the Carrot, performs an acrobatic trick, styled similarly to Zendaya’s character Anne Wheeler from the 2017 musical The Greatest Showman.

“Decorate your Christmas tree, smother me in cranberries, what’s that flying over me, reindeer?” Kevin chants.

The musical performance features a variety of acts, including dancing mince pies, snowmen, Brussels sprouts swinging from the roof and at the centre of the stage, a mouth-watering Christmas feast.

Katie the Carrot performs acrobatics

Near the end of Kevin’s performance, Russell Sprout enters the tent, wearing his Peaky Blinders-esque flat cap and holding a sign that reads: “Sprouts rule.”

The sprout is thrown into the air, landing inside a cannon that then promptly ignites.

As Kevin, Katie and their three carrot children gather together, a tagline appears on the screen that reads: “Put on an amazing show this Christmas.”

Several fans of Kevin the Carrot expressed their excitement over Aldi’s dazzling Christmas advert.

“Who had their alarms set for this? Aldi you certainly get us all revved up and excited for Christmas when Kevin is soon to arrive,” one person wrote.

“They get better and better each year,” another remarked.

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