Amazon releases heartwarming Love Actually-style Christmas advert

'What matters most at Christmas is spending quality time together, with loved ones, family and friends'

Sabrina Barr
Wednesday 06 November 2019 13:24
Amazon releases Christmas advert 2019: 'Everybody needs somebody'

Amazon has released its uplifting Christmas advert, which appears to have been inspired by a much-beloved British romantic-comedy.

The short film, which is set to the tune of Solomon Burke’s song “Everybody Needs Somebody to Love”, follows a variety of couples, families, friends, co-workers and strangers as they celebrate the festive period.

The advert, which opens with a girl playing the piano as a group of children dressed in Christmas-themed costumes dance in the background, features singing Amazon boxes in every scene.

The film then transitions to a scene on a train, where two young adults who have retrieved Amazon boxes from the upper compartments of their carriage bump into one another, nervously smiling at each other as they also join in the song.

Later on in the advert, a woman arrives at what appears to be a train station, embracing her girlfriend in a scenario reminiscent of the tear-jerking airport scene in the 2003 film Love Actually.

A budding romance blossoms on a train

One of the sweetest moments of the advert features an elderly couple, who show they still have a spring in their step as they dance together in their living room.

At the moment the lyric “someone to kiss” is sung, the man adoringly kisses his wife on the cheek.

An elderly couple dance together in their living room

The festive costumes worn by the children in the advert include a Christmas tree, a snowman and the Star of Bethlehem, drawing parallels with the nativity play that occurs at the end of Love Actually.

The line-up also includes a robot, who displays his long silver arms as he dances along to the upbeat tune of the film.

A group of children dress in costumes for Christmas

Another portion of the advert features an al fresco musical band, who play for a gathering of strangers as they clap along.

The most emotional moment of the film comes at the end, when a woman who has been delivering Amazon parcels all day arrives home.

As her front door opens, she is met by her two young children and husband, who all hug as they prepare to celebrate Christmas together.

A man plays the drums in front of a crowd of onlookers

Simon Morris, VP global creative at Amazon, explained that the aim of the Christmas advert was to portray how important it is to spend time with people you love during the festive period.

“What matters most at Christmas is spending quality time together, with loved ones, family and friends,” Mr Morris said.

“This campaign is about those special moments that we all share at this time of year and how Amazon helps to deliver smiles and play a small part in creating these wonderful memories.”

Several Twitter users praised the heartfelt nature of Amazon’s 2019 Christmas advert.

“The Amazon Christmas advert is so cute,” one person wrote.

“Not gonna lie, I love the new Amazon spot,” another commented.

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