London bakery creates mince pie cookie cups

It's the festive treat we didn't know we needed

Rachel Hosie
Tuesday 05 December 2017 17:33 GMT
(Rachel Hosie)

We’ve all been there - you have a cookie in one hand, a mince pie in the other, and you’re just thinking: “Damn, why has no one combined these two culinary delights into one baked good to rule them all?”

Well dream no longer, because the mince pie cookie cup now exists.

And it’s epic.

(Rachel Hosie
(Rachel Hosie (Rachel Hosie)

Essentially a mince pie with cookie dough instead of pastry, the seasonal treats have been created by Blondies Kitchen, the milk and cookie bar created by Chelsie Collins and Kristelle Levy, and are available at Selfridges on London’s Oxford Street.

The mince pie cookie cups launched on 1 December and were sold out within three days - customers were calling every hour to find out if they’d been restocked, according to Selfridges.

Some eager sugar-fiends are even queuing up for half an hour to get their hands on the prized baked treats.

The mince pie cookie cups are made using Blondies Kitchen signature vanilla cookie dough in place of pastry along with a traditional (and booze-free) mince pie filling.

Blondies Kitchen

We managed to get our hands on some - and we were not disappointed.

The cookie dough is crisp at the edges and chewy all the way through. There’s a generous mince pie filling, made of plump, juicy dried fruits.

“OMFG, that is unbelievable,” said one Independent staffer. “It's in my top three desserts of the year.”

“Do you reckon they were all sitting in the Selfridges office and then someone just stood up and said ‘MINCE PIES... BUT... BUT MADE OUT OF COOKIES’?” wondered another.

(Rachel Hosie
(Rachel Hosie (Rachel Hosie)

Perhaps not one for anyone who regularly finds cakes and desserts too sickly, the cookie dough certainly adds an extra level of sweetness to a regular mince pie.

But as far as we’re concerned, the mince pie cookie cup is a cut above a standard mince pie. A cup above, if you will. (We’ll just take our cookie cups and leave now.)

Queue down the street, call every 10 minutes, bribe your children and do whatever you can to get your hands on a mince pie cookie cup.

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