Who is the star in the Sainsbury’s Christmas advert?

The eight-year-old Londoner has been singing since she was two years old

Olivia Petter
Monday 12 November 2018 01:13
Sainsbury's Christmas advert The Big Night

Sainsbury’s has found a real-life shining star to front its annual Christmas ad, with Tia Isaac wowing the nation with her stellar rendition of the New Radicals’ classic 90s hit, “You Get What You Give”.

Hailing from East Ham in London, the eight-year-old prodigy has been singing, dancing and acting since she was just two years old.

Her leading role in the supermarket’s festive ad, she plays the star, marks her TV debut.


In the ad, which depicts a school nativity play, we see a nervous Isaac approach the microphone and scan the room for her mother.

She starts singing, her voice quiet and trembly, but after spotting her mother and receiving a nod of encouragement, her confidence soars and Isaac wows the audience with her powerful vocals.

Speaking about her experience of filming the ad, which she sang live for, Isaacs revealed she initially found the prospect of performing in front of so many people rather daunting, but overcame her fears by thinking about her grandmother.

“The hardest part was getting over my fear of lots of people but I’m going to sing the song for my mum’s mum,” she said.


The woman playing Isaac’s mother in the ad is not in fact her real mother, who was unable to attend on the day of filming, a Sainsbury’s spokesperson told The Independent at a preview of the advert.

Though the campaign marks the talented child’s small screen debut, she is already set to make her first stage appearance, having recently landed a role in the national tour of the musical Annie, which starts next year.

Whatever Isaac does next, one thing is certain: her stardom is just beginning.

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