Waitrose Christmas ad pokes fun at people getting overexcited by festive food

This is one for the die-hard festive foodies

Olivia Petter
Friday 09 November 2018 09:41
Mistletoe: Waitrose Christmas 2018 advert

Some people are so obsessed with Christmas grub that they’ll go above and beyond to get their hands on festive food - which is exactly what Waitrose has decided to poke fun at in its annual Christmas campaign.

Under the tag line “too good to wait”, the series of playful ads depict different scenarios in which revellers throw caution to the wind so they can start enjoying the season’s culinary offerings as soon as possible.

In one, we see a young couple coyly moving towards the mistletoe, but just as they’re about to share their first kiss, a call from the dining room announces that the turkey is ready.

This prompts the woman to abandon ship, leaving her partner looking rather downtrodden as he comes to terms with the fact that he's a distant second to some poultry.

Another clip introduces us to a rather hungry pianist, who rushes through a rendition of “Jingle Bells” at a carol concert in order to make it to the mince pies before anyone else. She succeeds.

Martin George, customer director at Waitrose & Partners, says: "Looking forward to the traditions and special moments is what makes Christmas the most wonderful time of year, but there’s also another aspect that adults and children alike just can’t wait for… the food.

“As much as we all love our festive activities, enjoying delicious food and drink is a priority, and when it’s Waitrose & Partners food, you’ll do whatever it takes to get to it as quickly as possible.”

The first ad will debut on ITV on Friday 9 November during an ad break for Coronation Street.

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