Woman offers advice to women worried by chubby cheeks: 'The fat will keep you looking younger'


Chelsea Ritschel
in New York
Tuesday 16 January 2018 20:30 GMT
(Twitter @t0nit0ne)
(Twitter @t0nit0ne)

Chubby cheeks are 'in', according to one woman on Twitter - and she wants others to embrace their full cheeks.

Toni Adenle, a 28-year-old student communications manager at Oxford University, tweeted a thread about loving your chubby cheeks - and her inspirational message has since gone viral.

Receiving over 62,000 likes, Toni’s tweet has resonated with women who feel self-conscious about their chubby cheeks.

Toni wrote: “I know a few women in their 20s who dislike their full/chubby cheeks and wish their face was more chiselled. If you’re one of these women, that fat is what will keep you looking younger than your peers in older age. You might not like it now but you’ll appreciate it one day.

“If you have chubby cheeks or fat on your face, it’s probably genetic. Now think of your Mother and Grandmother… Do they look younger in the face than most people their age?

“You don’t want to look gaunt as an older woman. Love your chubby cheeks ladies! You’re blessed.”

Asking women on Twitter to share their own chubby cheek pictures, Toni has been retweeting the pictures with the hashtag #ChubbyCheekGang - and many women love Toni’s advice.

Regarding the viral thread, Toni said the idea came from her sister, who revealed that she wished she had a slimmer face.

Toni said: “It made me think that there must be a few young women out there who share similar thoughts, so I wanted to let them know a full face has its benefits.”

As for the response, Toni said: “I’m really glad that so many women feel empowered by my thread.”

And from the pictures she’s received, it looks like Toni’s advice was appreciated - and true - chubby cheeks really do keep you looking young.

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