Viral chart shows the colour every birthday corresponds with
Viral chart shows the colour every birthday corresponds with

Move over horoscopes, Japanese colour chart that predicts your personality goes viral

Are you ‘whimsical and charming’ or do you have ‘skills that can be improved’?

Chelsea Ritschel
New York
Wednesday 24 March 2021 16:27

A viral chart claims to describe the personality traits and the specific colour that corresponds with your birthday.

The chart, which was created in Japan, features a collection of 366 different shades, with each colour matching a day of the year, including the extra day added to February on leap years.

While the original chart is in Japanese, a translated version shows birthdays such as 1 January described as pure white and having characteristics such as “pure, elegant and simple,” while 2 June corresponds with violet and characteristics including “whimsical and charming”.

The chart also includes personality descriptions, with a person born on 1 October, which corresponds with Huangtan orange, described as “an active person who excels in art and sports.”

For other birthdays, the personality descriptors aren’t as specific, with 22 June, associated with the colour garnet brown, simply describing a “friendly person”.

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There are also some birthdays, such as 29 May, that aren’t as complimentary, with the description stating: “A person with skills that can always be improved.”

In addition to being broken down by personality, colour, “colour words”, and birth colour name, the chart also features the HEX code for each birthday’s colour, a hexadecimal format for identifying colours in HTML.

According to website DesignTaxi, the meanings of the shades also “seem consistent with colour theory”, the science and art of using and mixing colours and the psychology behind how emotions are influenced and communicated through certain shades. 

While the chart likely won’t offer you any more definitive information about yourself than you would find reading a horoscope, this means that it can be a useful tool for web designers, or those looking for a shade that can be used to invoke certain feelings.

“After all, this website is meant to be an HTML and CSS resource,” DesignTaxi states.

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