Woman responds to police officer who liked her on dating app after reportedly macing her at Black Lives Matter rally

‘Is this a joke?’ clip’s caption reads

Chelsea Ritschel
New York
Friday 14 May 2021 18:41

A woman has claimed to have matched on dating app Hinge with a police officer who maced her during a Black Lives Matter rally last summer.

On Wednesday, a TikTok user named Cami, who goes by the username @camidoublewami on the app, uploaded a video showing a like she received from a police officer on the app.

“Cop who maced me last summer really liked me on Hinge,” Cami captioned the clip, which is set to the theme song from Psycho and shows screenshots of the officer’s profile, and the message he sent declaring her his “dream girl”.

According to the police officer’s Hinge profile, his name is Ben, he is 22 years old, conservative, and lives in Fargo, North Dakota.

In the final moment of the video, Cami can be seen about to send a message in response to Ben’s opening line that reads: “You were the one who maced me at the BLM rally right?”

The TikTok has since been viewed more than 2.8m times, with many urging Cami to share what happened after she messaged the police officer. “We need an update NOW,” one person commented, while another said: “I need an update, this is so funny.”

Others speculated about what his response would be, with someone else writing: “I feel like his response would be something along the lines of ‘Oops haha sorry babe if I knew how cute you were I wouldn’t have done it.’”

While Cami did not post a follow-up video, she did share the police officer’s response in the comments, revealing that he responded: “You know it” along with a winky face emoji.

“I don’t feel like making another video because it’s not worth it so part two he said: ‘You know it,’” she wrote, with the update receiving more than 30,000 likes.

“Yikes,” one person responded, while another wrote: “The audacity.”

The Independent has contacted Cami for comment.

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